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Long term conservation of seed pretreated by sulphuric acid

Danthu P., Gaye A., Roussel J., Sarr A.. 1995. In : Ed.Olesen C. Innovations in tropical tree seed technology: Proceeding of the IUFRO Symposium of the Project Group P.204.00 "Seed problems", Arusha, Tanzania, 7-10 September 1995. Vienne : IUFRO., p. 37-44. IUFRO Symposium of the Project Group P.204.00 "Seed problems", 1995-09-07/1995-09-10, Arusha (Tanzanie (République unie de)).

Mechanical scarification and soaking in sulphuric acid are the only known efficient pretreatments in order to break the tegumental inhibition of Acacia raddiana and Faidherbia albida seeds. Nevertheless, these two methods have serious contrains for development projects. Conservation for three years without significant loss of viability of A. raddiana seeds pretreated by, 95% sulphuric acid,solution is only possible at low temperature (5°C.). Under the same conditions results are also promising for F. Albida : 60% of the first years and 30% survive three years. These results may present an alternative solution consisting of storage of pretreated seeds and distribution of those ready to germinate.

Mots-clés : graine; traitement des semences

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