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Trials of rearing vectors of phloem-restricted Phytomonas. Experimental transmissions, and rearing of Ochlerus sp. (Pentatomidae)

Dollet M., Dambier D., Gargani D., Segur C.. 1992. In : Phytomonas workshop. s.l. : s.n., 1 p.. International Phytomonas Workshop. 2, 1992-02-05/1992-02-08, Santa Marta (Colombie).

In order to prove the pathogenicity of cultured Phytomonas, we needed to rear healthy vectors. We tried to rear two species of Pentatomids: Lincus spp., vectors of Hartrot or Marchitez in Guiana, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and Peru, and Ochlerus sp., a presumed vector of Hartrot in Para state, Brazil. During these trials we were able to transmit Phytomonas to coconut through bugs collected from Marchitez infected oil palms. This demonstrated that 1 ) the vectors are able to infect both coconut and oil palm, 2 ) one isolate of Phytomonas can parasitize both coconut and oil palm. We reared Ochlerus from adult to adult through the eggs and 5 larval stages in a cycle of about 140 days.

Mots-clés : phytomonas; phloème; pentatomidae; cocos nucifera; elaeis guineensis; expérimentation en laboratoire; france

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