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Physiological parameters of latex from Hevea brasiliensis: their uses in the study of laticiferous system: Typology of functioning production mechanisms: Effect of stimulation

Prévôt J.C., Jacob J.L., Lacrotte R., Vidal A., Serres E., Eschbach J.M., Gigault J.. 1988. In : Yanqing P. (ed.), Canwen Z. (ed.). Proceedings of the IRRDB rubber physiology and exploitation meeting. Hainan : SCATC, p. 136-157. IRRDB Rubber Physiology and Exploitation Meeting, 1986-12-09/1986-12-12, Hainan (Chine).

Mots-clés : hevea brasiliensis; latex; propriété biologique; physiologie végétale; biométrie; laticifère; système laticifère; stimulation

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