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Stratification of informations layers on environmental resources and trypanosomosis constraint by GIS: A tool for research and development

De La Rocque S., Augusseau X., De Wispelaere G., Michel V., Michel J.F., Guillobez S., Arnaud M., Borne F., Cuisance D.. 1999. In : CSIRTC. 25th meeting of the international scientific council for trypanosomiasis research and control, Mombasa (Kenya), 27 september-01 october 1999. s.l. : s.n., 1 p.. Réunion du Conseil Scientifique International pour la Recherche et la Lutte contre les Trypanosomiases (CSIRLT). 25, 1999-09-27/1999-10-01, Mombasa (Kenya).

In the case of vector-borne diseases, it appears clearly that the evaluation of the infestation risk requires a global view of the epidemiological processes. To achieve this, we have consider the environment in a broad sense and take into consideration severals topics which are not usually includes in the classical description of parasitic system (parasite/ host/vector). The georeferenced data collection and their analysis (spatial queries) make it possible to rapidly visualize interfaces which are of interest to epidemiologists. The modern means of data collection and processing, e.g. SIG, to relate very different layers of information, offer new fields for the understanding of these insects borne diseases. The main results of a 3 years study in Burkina Faso on the "eco-socio-pathogenic system" of animal trypanosomosis are presented here.

Mots-clés : pathologie; transmission des maladies; trypanosomose; relation hôte pathogène; surveillance épidémiologique; système d'information géographique; burkina faso

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