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French market, February 2002 : Indicators. Banana, avocado, orange, grapefruit, easy peelers

Imbert E.. 2002. Fruitrop (English ed.) (89) : p. 8-13.

Banana: The average price increased markedly in comparison with last year's already firm level, in spite of the fairly mediocre quality of a significant proportion of the fruits from the West Indies. The fairly marked decrease in shipments (especially from Africa and the dollar zones) and dynamic demand during the first two-thirds of the month account for this good performance. Avocado: Performance was very poor once again. The recovery observed at the very end of the month could not make up for the extremely low prices of the first two-thirds of February. Indeed, demand was extremely disappointing once again during this period, with a strong level of dispersed supplies from Israel. Orange: Although the market remained satisfactory (increase in sales and prices), February marked a break in the excellent dynamics that had prevailed since December. The sudden decrease in the quality of Navels and Navelines strongly affected consumption already dwindling because of higher than normal temperatures. This situation weighed on the market for the other varieties available. Grapefruit: Performance was satisfactory overall as price and volumes increased distinctly in spite of the traditional slowing of business in February. However, although the market remained balanced for Turkish and Israeli operators thanks to a reduction in their shipments, the results were more contrasted for Florida. More substantial shipments led importers of fruits from Florida to broaden their price range. Easy peelers: As usual, interest in easy peelers waned considerably in February. The balance was satisfactory nevertheless, as volumes and prices returned to a medium level in contrast with last year's marked shortage of supplies. The mid-month change of varieties made it possible to catch up on the poor performance of the first fortnight of the month resulting from problems of quality.

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