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Acquisition and transmission of TYLCV from tomato fruits by Bemisia tabaci

Delatte H., Dalmon A., Rist D., Soustrade I., Wuster G., Lett G., Goldbach J.M., Peterschmitt M., Reynaud B.. 2003. In : IRTA. 3rd International Bemisaia Workshop, Barcelona, 17-20 March, 2003. s.l. : s.n., p. 58-58. International Bemisia Workshop. 3, 2003-03-17/2003-03-20, Barcelone (Espagne).

TYLCV is one of the most damaging viruses transmitted by the whitefly Bemisia tabaci. This virus, that causes severe symptoms on tomato culture, had spread for about 10 years in several parts of the world. To date, the possible transport of the virus by the way of imported and exported tomato fruits had never been considered. In this study, we report that TYLCV is present in tomato fruits at high titre. The virus can be acquired by 5 to 15% of whiteflies that fed on tomato fruits, depending on the acquisition access period, and then be transmitted up to 8% to tomato plants. The potential risk of causing new outbreaks of TYLCV via infected tomato fruits as a virus source is discussed.

Mots-clés : solanum; tomate; légume fruits; virus des végétaux; géminivirus enroulement jaune tomat; bemisia tabaci; vecteur de maladie; transmission des maladies

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