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Genmap component "Variability analysis and genetic determinism of some physiological characteristics of the productivity in Thailand". Development of a genetic map of RRIM600 x PB217 based on microsatellite markers : Update of the mapping work of Ms Kanlaya Prapan work in Montpellier (Agropolis funding)

Seguin M.. 2003. In : Clément-Demange André. Doras-Rubber project towards the improvement of the productivity of rubber tree, Kasetsart University, Rrit-Doa, Cirad. Mission in Thailand, 1 - 14 June 2003. Montpellier : CIRAD-CP, p. 18-31.

This report gives updated results on microsatellite genome mapping carried out by Ms Kanlaya Prapan at Cirad-Montpellier (December 2001-December 2002). After the departure of Kanlaya, Cirad team finalized some steps of the mapping work performed in 2002: 1) finalization of primer pairs screening and 2) complete data analysis for mapping. During Kanlaya's course, the map construction performed was only a rapid and preliminary analysis. In addition, the number of usable microsatellite sequence being insufficient for a satisfying genome coverage, 100 more DNA sequences were obtained, under an additional grant from Cirad.
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