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Tecnical innovations and livestock production

Lançon F., Hasanudin I.. 2004. In : Ruf François (ed.), Lançon Frédéric (ed.). From slash-and-burn to replanting : Green revolutions in the Indonesian uplands?. Washington : World Bank, p. 33-41. (Regional and Sectoral Studies).

Livestock grazing and feeding are generally viewed as distinctive characteristics of upland farming systems. Upland areas are supposed to benefit from lower population pressure, thus allowing extensive livestock production. Simultaneously, considering the less favorable environments that uplands provide for food crops, livestock production is considered to be an opportunity for farmers to improve their income in this agroeconomic setting. This chapter reviews different livestock production methods within the upland farming systems visited by the mission, as well as the literature on the subject. Considering the numerous links between livestock production and other components of upland farming, however, it is difficult to consider this activity separately, and many issues related to livestock production are also addressed in other chapters of this report.

Mots-clés : système d'exploitation agricole; système de culture; région d'altitude; Élevage; bétail; innovation; indonésie

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