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Introduction of vegetable production

Lançon F., Hasanudin I.. 2004. In : Ruf François (ed.), Lançon Frédéric (ed.). From slash-and-burn to replanting : Green revolutions in the Indonesian uplands?. Washington : World Bank, p. 59-68. (Regional and Sectoral Studies).

In his comprehensive review of the vegetable subsector in Indonesian agriculture, Ferrari (1994) points out that even though the share of vegetables in overall agricultural production is minor because volumes are small compared with rice and secondary crops, this subsector offers a route to achieve development objectives and diversify agriculture (1994, p. 6).1 The dynamism of this agricultural subsector is particularly important for the development of upland agriculture. At various sites vegetables provide a new income opportunity for upland farmers and in some cases even earn the major part of household income. This chapter focuses on the process of vegetable adoption in different agroeconomic settings. It also draws upon an indepth study carried out in Majalengka district (West Java) by a team from the Coarse Grains, Pulses, Roots, and Tuber Centre (CGPRT) and Indonesian counterparts under the guidance of Hayami and others (1991).

Mots-clés : culture de moyenne altitude; système d'exploitation agricole; production végétale; Économie de production; innovation; adoption de l'innovation; indonésie

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