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French market, april 2004 : indicators. Banana, avocado, orange, grapefruit, easy peelers, litchi, mango

Imbert E., Gerbaud P.. 2004. Fruitrop (English ed.) (113) : p. 13-21.

Banana: Market recovery continued. The average monthly price remained lower than average but the tremendous difference with preceding years observed in the first quarter diminished. Demand recovered after the usual Easter slump, with comparatively attractive retail prices, medium supplies and limited competition from the season's fruits. Avocado: The average price was quite firm in spite of comparatively plentiful supplies. However, this fairly satisfactory overall performance hides considerable differences between the varietal groups. Although the situation remained satisfactory for Hass, history seemed to repeat itself for Fuerte from Kenya. The excessively large shipments-in spite of the well known problem of the positioning of the variety with regard to supermarkets-sent the market for green varieties plunging to a historically low level. Orange: Market performance was excellent for the third month running. The volumes sold and average prices were distinctly higher than the average for the recent seasons. The recovery of interest in dessert oranges stimulated by Lanelate/Navelate from Spain lasted until the end of the season for the variety. Demand returned to an average level after the switch to Valencia Late in the last part of the month. The month's performance was patchy for Maroc Late. Grapefruit: The last part of the winter season did not match the optimistic forecasts made by most importers and analysts. Supplies of both Florida and Mediterranean fruits were much more plentiful than expected as many operators had speculated on a sharp rise in prices like that of April 2003. What actually happened was roughly the opposite. Although the balance remained satisfactory for Florida, the Mediterranean origins were unable to find the expected market outlet because of the prolonging of the Florida season. Easy peelers: The end of the season held no surprises. Only medium grade Ortanique fetched decent prices as demand was limited and very selective. Supplies were plentiful in spite of a decrease in Moroccan production. Litchi: April this year was a period of transition from the end of the season in the Indian Ocean and the start of the Asian season. The last shipments from South Africa arrived in mid-March and were sold until the beginning of April, mainly in northern European countries. Mango West African season April is characterised by continuous, marked under-supply. The lengthening of the Peruvian season was not enough to make up for the shortage of produce resulting from the slow start to the export seasons in West African countries. Scarce supply resulted in substantial price increases until the end of the period.

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