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Screening and evaluation of SSR primers in gel systems for the detection of off-types in cocoa field genebanks

Motilal L.A., Boccara M.. 2004. Ingenic newsletter (9) : p. 21-26.

The set of SSRs recommended by J. Saunders, formerly of USDA, for verification purposes, i. e. unique identification of accessions in field genebanks, is discussed. We suggest that twelve primer pairs be a minimum for verification studies using gel systems as done at CRU. The selection of SSRs to be used is suggested as an issue requiring further discussion. Based on our studies, the mTcCIR primers 1, 6, 8, 11, 12, 15, 29, 42, 58, and 61 are proposed as ideal candidates for use in such verification studies.

Mots-clés : theobroma cacao; microsatellite; collection de matériel génétique; identification; variant; méthode; trinité-et-tobago; ssr

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