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Calonectria species and their Cylindrocladium anamorphs : Species with sphaeropedunculate vesicles

Crous P.W., Groenewald J.Z., Risède J.M., Simoneau P., Hywel-Jones N.L.. 2004. Studies in Mycology, 50 (2) : p. 415-429. Special Symposium on "CBS Centenary: 100 Years of Fungal Biodiversity and Ecology", 2004-05-13/2004-05-14, Amsterdam (Pays-Bas).

Species of Cylindrocladium have wide host ranges, and are commonly distributed in soils of tropical and subtropical regions of the world. In the present study several isolates, which have been baited from soils from various parts of the world, are compared based on morphology, as well as DNA sequence data from their [bêta]-tubulin, histone, elongation factor 1-[alpha] and calmodulin gene regions. As a result of these studies, eight new species with sphaeropedunculate vesicles and 1-septate conidia are described. An emended key is provided to distinguish these species from others in the Cy. floridanum species complex.

Mots-clés : ascomycota; calonectria; cylindrocladium; hypocreales; maladie fongique; champignon du sol; taxonomie; zone tropicale; zone subtropicale; hôte; sol; adn; phylogénie

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