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Oil palm biotechnology at CIRAD

Rival A., Tregear J., Jaligot E., Morcillo F., Aberlenc F., Billotte N., Richaud F., Beulé T., Borgel A., Duval Y.. 2001. In : MBOP. Cutting-edge technologies for sustained competitiveness. Agriculture conference : Proceedings of the 2001 PIPOC International palm oil congress, 20 - 22 August 2001, Mutiara Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur : MPOB, p. 51-82. MPOB International Palm Oil Congress (PIPOC), 2001-08-20/2001-08-22, Kuala Lumpur (Malaisie).

Cirad is a French scientific organisation specialising in agricultural research for the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Research on oil palm at Cirad forms part of the activities of the Tree Crops Department (Cirad-CP). Oil palm biotechnology was initiated in the seventies with research programmes launched in collaboration with ORSTOM (now IRD) on clonal micropropagation through somatic embryogenesis. Today, a range of biotechnological approaches, from somatic embryogenesis to biomolecular research, play an increasingly important role in Cirad's breeding strategies for oil palm. They are fully integrated into our programme aimed at Obtaining, multiplying and disseminating genetically improved material to the planters.
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