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Oil palm: nutrient disorders and nutrient management : diagnosis, causes, prevention, treatment

Fairhurst T., Caliman J.P., Härdter R., Witt C.. 2005. Singapour : PPI, VI-118 p.. (Série Palmier à huile : ESEAP, 7).

Table of contents : 1 Introduction. 2 Field monitoring: 2.1 Marking palms for leaf sampling in leaf sampling units (LSUs). 2.2 Quantitative survey of nutrient deficiency symptoms. 2.3 In the event of deficiency symptoms. 2.4 Localised leaf sampling and analysis. 2.5 Localised soil sampling and analysis. 2.6 Results. 3 Nutrient deficiency symptoms : 3.1 Nitrogen (N). 3.2 N deficiency and poor drainage. 3.3 Phosphorus (P). 3.4 Potassium (K). 3.5 Magnesium (Mg). 3.6 Boron (B). 3.7 Copper (Cu). 3.8 Iron (Fe). 3.9 Sulfur (S). 4 Disorders: 4.1 White stripe. 4.2 Other abnormalities of genetic origin. 4.3 Other abnormalities due to pests and diseases. 4.4 Drought-related damage. 5 Reference tables: 5.1 Soil fertility for oil palm. 5.2 Leaf levels for oil palm. 5.3 Leaf levels for cover plants. 5.4 Nutrient removal, immobilization and recycling in adult oil palms in Malaysia. 5.5 Nutrient sources. Annex : Diagnostic key for identifying nutrient deficiencies in oil palm. Nitrogen deficiency. Poor drainage. Phosphorus deficiency. Potassium deficiency. Magnesium deficiency. Boron deficiency. Copper deficiency. Iron deficiency. Sulfur deficiency. Diagnostic key for identifying nutrient deficiencies in legume cover plants. Deficiency symptoms in legume cover plants. Field management of oil palm. Leaf sampling. Field measurement. Marking LSU palms. Growth stages. Drought-affected palms. Weeds. Abnormal palms. Ganoderma. Other pests and diseases

Mots-clés : elaeis guineensis; carence minerale; carence en oligo-element; identification; symptome; trouble genetique; degat; nutrition des plantes; relation plante sol; fertilisation; malaisie;

Thématique : Physiologie végétale : nutrition; Fertilisation; Troubles divers des plantes


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