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FSP d'appui aux politiques sectorielles agricoles. Composante 2 : appui aux organisations paysannes. Mission report : from the 13th to the 22th of September 2005

Dugué M.J., Le Coq J.F.. 2005. Montpellier : CIRAD, 8 p.. Workshop on Farmers' Organizations. 1, 2005-09-19/2005-09-22, Phnom Penh (Cambodge).

The general objectives of the mission were the following: - For the experts, to get a clear view of the FOs' situation in Cambodia in order to propose relevant pedagogical tools during the following steps; - To contribute to build a shared basis of analysis among stakeholders involved in support to FOs in Cambodia. To achieve these goals, the following activities have been implemented: - Meeting and interviews with a few selected Cambodian FOs and FOs support agencies; - Support to the data analysis process of the Cambodian FOs Inventory, undertaken by the coordination team composed by Julie Couturier, Ham Phalla, and Savun Sam 01; - Facilitation of the first workshop of the support process by Cirad-Ciepac team to the FO-TF; - Preparation of the following step of Cirad-Ciepac support process. Content of the mission: The mission consisted of 3 main parts: 1 - Meetings with different stakeholders of the Farmers'organizations framework in Cambodia (support agencies in Phnom Penh (DAES and CEDAC) and in the two provinces; - leaders and members of some different typical Cambodian Farmers Organisations such as Cooperative, Rice Bank, Community Based Organizations, Farmers' Association, credit and saving groups, self help groups). This "ground time" enabled experts to get some common references with the participants to the workshop ("to figure out what the words are saying"). 2 - Work with the Coordination Team: (To support them in finalizing the presentation of the results of the Cambodian FOs inventory; To review and finalize the program of the first training workshop). 3 - Training Workshop in Phnom Penh on "Collective assessment of FO's situation and Support to FO's in Cambodia.

Mots-clés : groupe d'intérêt; association d'agriculteurs; organisation paysanne; cambodge

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