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Validation of Piper Methysticum var. wichmannii (Piperaceae)

Applequist W.L., Lebot V.. 2006. Novon, 16 (1) : p. 3-4.

DOI: 10.3417/1055-3177(2006)16[3:VOPMVW]2.0.CO;2

Morphological, chemical, cytological, and genetic data have indicated that kava (Piper methysticum G. Forster, Piperaceae), a vegetatively propagated plant found only in cultivation, was derived from the wild P. wichmannii C. DC. through artificial selection, and that the two taxa remain similar enough to be considered conspecific. A previous attempt to recognize P. wichmannii (which may also be conspecific with P. subbullatum K. Schumann & Lauterbach) as a variety of P. methysticum was not validly published owing to failure to cite the place of publication of the basionym. The combination Piper methysticum var. wichmannii (C. DC.) Lebot is herein validated.

Mots-clés : piper methysticum; anatomie végétale; composition chimique; cytologie; paramètre génétique; papouasie-nouvelle-guinée; kava

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