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Expression of some growth and wood property traits among Eucalyptus urophylla x grandis clones in Congo

Bouvet J.M., Baillères H.. 1995. In : Potts B.M. (ed.), Borralho Nuno (ed.), Reid J.B. (ed.), Cromer R.N. (ed.), Tibbits W.N. (ed.), Raymond C.A. (ed.). Eucalypt plantations: improving fibre yield and quality : Proceedings of CRCTHF-IUFRO Conference, 19-24 February, 1995, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Hobart : CRCTHF, p. 89-92. CRTHF-IUFRO Conference, 1995-02-19/1995-02-24, Hobart (Australie).

Ar experiment concerning a clonal test of E. urophylla*grandis was carried out in Congo and presented the following results. The study of variation along the stem showed that basic density decreased sharply from the base to 1.3 m and then increased as the sampling height increased. Consequently, the best prediction of the mean tree basic density was obtained with disks taken at 25 or 50% of the commercial height. A different result was obtained for the mean tree bark percentage which was correctly predicted with 3 samples. Genetic analysis indicated a higher heritability for basic density and low genetic correlations with volume, confirming results obtained from breeding populations of E. urophylla*grandis. Results relating to the method of sampling and selection strategy are discussed in this paper.

Mots-clés : eucalyptus urophylla; variation génétique; expérimentation; croissance; propriété physicochimique; clone; densité; bois; héritabilité; amélioration des plantes; congo; stratégie d'amélioration

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