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Consumer and societal demand for multifunctional agriculture in France : synthesis report for MULTAGRI WP2

Sautier D., Gerz A.. 2005. s.l. : s.n., 26 p..

This report is a component of MULTAGRI Work Package 2 effort to produce an overview of the empirical evidence for society and consumer demand for multifunctional agriculture (MFA) in Europe, as an input for further Work Packages. We refer to multifunctional agriculture as to the set of products, services and externalities which are created by agricultural activity and have a direct or indirect impact on economy and society as a whole. In WP2, MFA is scrutinized through three aspects of societal demand: - new consumer attitudes on food products; - demand for environmental, ecological and landscape values; - social-cultural demand for MFA. This report has a double focus: - first, on data from France, wider evidence and data from other parts of Europe being included whenever possible; - second, on consumer attitudes on food products.

Mots-clés : comportement du consommateur; biodiversité; conservation des ressources; tourisme; europe; france; indication géographique; multifonctionnalité

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