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Characterization of microsatellites from cacao-Moniliophthora perniciosa interaction expressed sequence tags

Lima L.S., Gramacho K.P., Gesteira A., Lopes U.V., Gaiotto F.A., Zaidan H.A., Pires J.L., Cascardo J.C.M., Micheli F.. 2008. Molecular Breeding, 22 (2) : p. 315-318.

DOI: 10.1007/s11032-008-9174-6

Theobroma cacao L.-Moniliophthora perniciosa expressed sequence tags (ESTs) were converted into useful satellite markers for population analysis and genetic mapping. Forty-nine flanking primer pairs from TSH1188 (a resistant genotype) and Catongo (a susceptible genotype) ESTs were designed and screened for polymorphism analysis. Eleven were polymorphic, with an average of 3.81 alleles per locus and a total of 42 alleles. The satellite markers were tested on 21 cacao accessions and two bulked DNAs generated from 6 resistant and 6 susceptible plants from a segregating F2 (SCA6 × ICS1) population for witches' broom resistance. These results show that EST-derived microsatellites (short sequence repeats, SSRs) in Theobroma cacao have many potential applications in linkage mapping and the planning of crosses.

Mots-clés : moniliophthora; theobroma cacao; microsatellite; relation hôte pathogène; carte génétique; résistance aux maladies; moniliophthora perniciosa

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