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Role of partnership and experimentation for the co-design of sustainable innovations: The case of the West of Burkina Faso

Vall E., Chia E., Andrieu N., Bayala I.. 2008. In : Dedieu Benoît (ed.). Empowerment of the rural actors. A renewal of farming systems perspectives : 8th European IFSA Symposium, 6-10 July 2008, Clermond-Ferrand. Paris : INRA, p. 145-147. European IFSA Symposium. 8, 2008-07-06/2008-07-10, Clermont-Ferrand (France).

In the West of Burkina Faso, improving the integration of crop and livestock activities could allow to strengthen the productivity and sustainability of farming systems. But few of the technical propositions of agronomists were adopted and transformed into innovations by farmers. The TERIA project (2005-2007) tested a framework of Participative Action Research to co-design agropastoral innovations with farmers from the identification of problems to the experimentation of solutions. This project proposed a method to organize the partnership between the different stakeholders of the project and an original experimental framework. It allows building scientific knowledge on local practices and favouring the training of the stakeholders on contextualised techniques.

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