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Description of a gynandromorphic Myrmilla calva (Villiers 1789), with a summary on gynandromorphism phenomenon within Mutillidae (Hymenoptera : Scolioidea)

Turrisi G.F., Foucart A.. 2008. Linzer Biologische Beiträge, 40 (2) : 8.p.

A gynandromorphic specimen of Mutillidae belonging to Myrmilla calva (VILLIERS 1789) is described and illustrated. The gynandromorph has a general female-like appearance, with mixed female-male characters located only on apical part of metasoma. In detail, the head and mesosoma are entirely and normally female-like, the latter without wings, whereas the metasoma has the last two segments male-like, with fully and normally developed genital capsule. Based upon the classification proposed by DALLA TORRE & FRIESE (1899), the deviant specimen is a mixed gynandromorph belonging to the group III, having deviant characters along sagittal line. A brief discussion on the occurrence of the phenomenon of gynandromorphism within the family Mutillidae is provided. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : trouble génétique; conformation animale; dimorphisme sexuel; hymenoptera; mutillidae

Thématique : Anatomie et morphologie des animaux; Taxonomie et géographie animales

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