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Conservation and development of three local goat breeds in Ha Giang

Phan Van K., Trinh Quang Phong, Vu Chi Cuong, Maillard J.C., Lenh Hau Tue. 2008. Journal of Animal Science and Technology : p. 95-102. International Workshop on the Domesticated Animal Biodiversity of Vietnam in the Context of Globalization, 2007-12-13/2007-12-14, Hanoi (Viet Nam).

One study including a survey was undertaken in Ha Giang province from November, 2006 to May, 2007. The objectives of the study were to estimate the distribution of goats in Dong Van, Meo Vac and Hoang Su Phi districts and their phenotypes, performance. It was revealed that there were three breeds of Ha Giang local goats found in our study, they are prolificacy, polled and long hair goats. The phenotypes of coats of Ha Giang local goats were much diversified among and within breeds. There were thee major coats existing: yellow, black and brown. Polled goats were slightly heavier than long hair and prolificacy goats. However, prolificacy Does appeared to have the most prolific goats. The number kid/ litter and number of litter/does/year of prolificacy does were higher than these of polled and long hair does. The dressing and lean meat percentage of polled goats were higher than these of prolificacy and long hair goats. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : enquête sur exploitations agricoles; amélioration des animaux; phénotype; conformation animale; performance animale; race indigène; sélection dans la race; distribution géographique; chèvre; viet nam

Thématique : Génétique et amélioration des animaux

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