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Sequence analysis of the large (L) polymerase gene and trailer of the peste des petits ruminants virus vaccine strain Nigeria 75/1: Expression and use of the L protein in reverse genetics

Minet C., Yami M., Egziabher B.G., Gil P., Tangy F., Bremont M., Libeau G., Diallo A., Albina E.. 2009. Virus Research, 145 (1) : p. 9-17.

DOI: 10.1016/j.virusres.2009.06.002

The large (L) polymerase gene and the 5_-terminal UTR of the genome of peste des petits ruminants virus (PPRV), vaccine strain Nigeria 75/1, were cloned and sequenced. The L protein was also expressed in eukaryotic cells and its polymerase activity was quantitatively measured in a PPR reverse genetics assay using a reporter minigenome.Comparative sequence analysis of this functional L gene with corresponding genes of other morbilliviruses showed a degree of conservation exceeding 70%. The multiple sequence alignment and the phylogenetic study of L gene discriminated the morbilliviruses in 6 clusters, which are more closely related to Tupaia and Henipaviruses than to other paramyxoviruses. Important protein domains and functional motifs of the L polymerase of the PPRV Nigeria 75/1 vaccine were also identified by using different bioinformatics tools.

Mots-clés : ruminant; morbillivirus; paramyxoviridae; virus peste petits ruminants; vaccin; peste des petits ruminants; enzyme; petits ruminants; nigéria

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