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A methodology to study the post-harvest ripening behavior of mango (cv. Cogshall) according to agronomic conditions

Joas J., Le Blanc M., Lechaudel M.. 2009. In : Oosthuyse Steve A. (ed.). Proceedings of the eighth international mango symposium, Sun City, South Africa, February 5-10, 2006. Louvain : ISHS [Belgique], p. 707-712. (Acta Horticulturae, 820). International Mango Symposium. 8, 2006-02-05/2006-02-10, Sun City (Afrique du Sud).

The post-harvest ripening of ¿Cogshall¿ mango fruit was analyzed in two contrasted conditions of light environment (sunny and shaded branches). Cold storage at 13°C was compared to this at 20°C. A Maturity Index was suggested to consider the ripening and senescence rate regardless of storage conditions. Harvest date and fruit position had an incidence on the content of sugars and organic acids. A cold storage during two weeks reduced but did not stop fruit evolution and fruit ripened normally when they were transferred at 20°C. The use of a Maturity Index could be interesting to improve the representation of fruit quality changes during storage.

Mots-clés : mangifera indica; réunion; france

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