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Rural producers' organizations' participation in policy-making processes: Explaining dynamics through a comprehensive modelling of strategic behaviours

Maître d'Hôtel E., Le Coq J.F., Saenz F.. 2009. In : Rapidel Bruno (ed.), Roupsard Olivier (ed.), Navarro Muriel (ed.). Modelling agroforestry systems : Workshop Proceedings,Turrialba, Costa Rica, 25-29 February 2008. Turrialba : CATIE, p. 116-124. (Technical Meetings, 14).

This paper contributes to the debate on the role of rural producers' organizations in the context of liberalization processes. It aims to explain the observed diversity in the implementation of liberalized economic policies that occurred in four farm sectors (coffee, milk, beans and pineapple). We use Partial Least Square (PLS) modelling in a comprehensive way to explain organizations' strategic behaviours and results in term of policy design influence. We relate organizations' results to (1) their human, technical and financial resources; (2) their mental models and (3) their trajectories. Our results indicate that organizations can efficiently contribute to integrate farmers into dynamic markets through their participation in policy-making processes, but nevertheless that their success is function of a path-dependent logic and depends notably on cognitive considerations. Finally, we draw some implications of these results on the way to enhance organizations' capabilities to influence policy-making processes. We discuss the possible application of this methodology to better understand the role of actors in the evolution of environmental service-provision incentives mechanisms.

Mots-clés : libéralisation des échanges; lait; ananas (fruits); café; haricot commun; association d'agriculteurs; costa rica

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