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Impact of okra leaf curl disease on morphology and yield of okra

Tiendrebeogo F., Traoré E.V., Lett J.M., Barro N., Konaté G., Traoré A.S., Traoré O.. 2010. Crop Protection, 29 (7) : p. 712-716.

DOI: 10.1016/j.cropro.2010.02.007

The impact of okra leaf curl disease on four accessions of a local okra cultivar and four commercial okra cultivars was assessed in field conditions from June to October in 2007 and 2008. Disease incidence varied from 68.5% to 72.5% among accessions of the local cultivar while commercial cultivars were much less infected (8.7-16.2%). Diseased plants of the local cultivar suffered more reduced growth (58% reduction) than those of the commercial cultivars (39.6%). The number of marketable fruits per plant, the fruit length, fruit diameter and fruit weight which were subject to reductions of 26-61%, 19-64%, 6-42% and 23-63%, respectively. The overall yield losses were significantly higher in accessions of the local cultivar (26-55%) than in the commercial ones (4.4-9.6%). The average economic losses for one hectare of crop were estimated at of 11,100 USD and 1950 USD, respectively for the local and the commercial cultivars.

Mots-clés : abelmoschus esculentus; enroulement des feuilles; burkina faso

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