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An EST resource for tilapia based on 17 normalized libraries and assembly of 116,899 sequence tags

Lee B.Y., Howe A.E., Conte M.A., D'Cotta H., Pepey E., Baroiller J.F., Di Palma F., Carleton K.L., Kocher T.D.. 2010. BMC Genomics, 11 : 10 p..

DOI: 10.1186/1471-2164-11-278

Background: Large collections of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) are a fundamental resource for analysis of gene expression and annotation of genome sequences. We generated 116,899 ESTs from 17 normalized and two non-normalized cDNA libraries representing 16 tissues from tilapia, a cichlid fish widely used in aquaculture and biological research. Results: The ESTs were assembled into 20,190 contigs and 36,028 singletons for a total of 56,218 unique sequences and a total assembled length of 35,168,415 bp. Over the whole project, a unique sequence was discovered for every 2.079 sequence reads. 17,722 (31.5%) of these unique sequences had significant BLAST hits (e-value < 10-10) to the UniProt database. Conclusion: Normalization of the cDNA pools with double-stranded nuclease allowed us to efficiently sequence a large collection of ESTs. These sequences are an important resource for studies of gene expression, comparative mapping and annotation of the forthcoming tilapia genome sequence.

Mots-clés : tilapia (genre); séquence nucléotidique; adn recombiné; expression des gènes; génome

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