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Prevalence and incidence of bovine trypanosomosis in an agro-pastoral area of southwestern Burkina Faso

Dayo G.K., Bengaly Z., Messad S., Bucheton B., Sidibé I., Cene B., Cuny G., Thevenon S.. 2010. Research in Veterinary Science, 88 (2) : p. 470-477.

DOI: 10.1016/j.rvsc.2009.10.010

The present study was conducted to determine the prevalence and incidence of trypanosomosis and to investigate some factors influencing them in an agro-pastoral area of southwestern Burkina Faso. A total of 363 crossbred cattle (Baoule-zebu peul), which were bred under natural trypanosomosis challenge, were monitored monthly for parasitaemia, packed cell volume (PCV) and serological analyses over 2 years. The parasitological prevalence estimated at the beginning of the survey using the buffy coat technique (BCT) was 7.54%. As much as 66.7% of all trypanosome infections were due to Trypanosoma vivax, 23.8% due to Trypanosoma congolense and 9.5% due to T. vivax/T. congolense mixed infections. The monthly serological incidence varied from 0.29% to 19.29%. The season was the most important factor influencing the serological prevalence and incidence and the animal PCV. The dry hot season is associated with increasing seroprevalences and incidences and consequently a decreasing average of PCV. In addition, an important spatial heterogeneity was observed..

Mots-clés : trypanosoma vivax; trypanosoma congolense; immunologie; système agropastoral; zébu; burkina faso

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