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Are biofuels an efficient technology for generating sustainable development in oil-dependent African nations? A macroeconomic assessment of the opportunities and impacts in Burkina Faso

Hanff E., Dabat M.H., Blin J.. 2011. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 15 (5) : p. 2199-2209.

DOI: 10.1016/j.rser.2011.01.014

This paper discusses the opportunity for substituting fossil fuels with biofuels in a Sahelian country, Burkina Faso. Bearing in mind the strong link between energy and development, and given the country's heavy reliance on imported fossil fuels, our study showed that the overall economy (private and public companies and basic social services) and the State Budget could be seriously affected if no viable and local alternative is integrated into the national energy strategy. In view of local potential, it is recommended that adequate energy resources be sought in order to ensure sustainable socio-economic development. Biofuel opportunities are discussed taking into account technical, agronomic and land potentials in this country. Diversification of energy resources with biofuels would substantially reduce fuel imports in the short term, improve overall public finances, provide a chance to develop agriculture and provide benefits for the locals. However, if they are to generate development, biofuel projects need to be mindful of food security and economic incentives, and should be part of national agricultural strategies.

Mots-clés : biocarburant; sécurité alimentaire; afrique; burkina faso

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