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Foreign land acquisitions in Madagascar : Competing jurisdictions of access claims

Evers S., Burnod P., Andrianirina Ratsialonana R., Teyssier A.. 2011. In : Dietz Ton (ed.), Havnevik Kjell (ed.), Kaag Mayke (ed.), Oestigaard Terje (ed.). African engagements : Africa negotiating an emerging multipolar world. Leyde : Brill, p. 110-132. (Africa-Europe Group for Interdisciplinary Studies, 7).

The 1.3 million hectare agricultural project proposed by the South Korean company Daewoo Logistics in 2009 illustrates the paradoxical position of the Malagasy government on land management issues. At the time, the Ravalomanana government (2002-9, dissolved by the military and the current president, Rajoelina, in March 2009) was simultaneously encouraging foreign land investment and implementing land reform to secure local land rights. The public spotlight on the Daewoo project, a project which has since been abandoned, also drew attention to other types of land acquisition by foreigners, such as for forestry and mining. This chapter analyses the realities encountered in the local settings where local and international stakeholders vie for the same plots of land. Even though the new land laws offer legal protection of local rights, the interpretation and enforcement of these new laws do not guarantee the respect of existing land rights, whether secured or not by title deed or certificate. Contrary to the opposition voiced against Daewoo at the national level, local reactions have been somewhat muted, largely owing to the fact that local State representatives and village leaders are often, at least initially, interested in the economic opportunities promised as accompaniment to the international land projects. The authors also underline how local populations lack the necessary information to properly assess envisaged projects.

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