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Reconnecting markets : Innovative global practices in connecting small-scale producers with dynamic food markets

Biénabe E. (ed.), Berdegué J.A. (ed.), Peppelenbos L. (ed.), Belt J. (ed.). 2011. Farnham : Gower Publishing, 205 p..

Présentation de l'éditeur : The rapid changes taking place in the structure and governance of national and regional agri-food markets in developing countries seriously affect the ability of agriculture, especially small-scale agriculture, to contribute to economic growth and sustainable development. Reconnecting Markets is the second volume of case examples from the Regoverning Markets programme (2005-2008). It focuses on the keys to inclusion of small-scale farmers and rural SMEs into dynamic national and regional markets. The cases document specific arrangements that appear to have played a positive role in supporting greater inclusion, such as public policies and business initiatives, collective action by farmers and support from development agencies. Contents: Foreword. Introduction (Estelle Biénabe, Julio A. Berdegué, Lucian Peppelenbos). 1. Including small-scale producers in dynamic markets: Carrefour's quality lines in China (Dinghuan Hu, Xia Dandan). 2. Local procurement from small-scale farmers by rural supermarkets in South Africa (Estelle Biénabe, Hester Vermeulen). 3. Integrating small farmers in dynamic supply chains: MA'S Tropical Food Company, Sri Lanka (Parakrama A. Samaratunga). 4. Including small-scale dairy farms in a supply chain in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (Hrabrin Bachev). 5. The experience of small producers in competitive markets: OPCION/Aj Ticonel in Guatemala (Alberto Monterroso, Aurelle de Romemont, Oscar de León, Federico Grajeda). 6. Small-scale organic rice producers sell to Philippine supermarkets: Upland Marketing Foundation Incorporated (Sylvia B. Concepcion, Larry N. Digal, René Guarin, Luis Antonio T. Hualda). 7. Service provider enterprises and producer groups (ESOP): Soya Nyo in Togo (Aurelle de Romemont and CIDR). 8. Keys to inclusion of small farmers in a modern vegetable market: NorminVeggies in the Philippines (Sylvia B. Concepcion, Larry N. Digal, Joan C. Uy). 9. Marketing cooperatives in a new retail context: a case study of HOPCOMS in Karnataka, India (Deepthi Elizabeth Kolady, Sujana Krishnamoorthy, Sudha Narayanan). 10. Involving small and medium producers in avocado markets in Michoacán, Mexico (Rubén Medina, Marx Aguirre). 11. Conclusions: innovative practices in connecting small-scale producers with dynamic markets (Julio A. Berdegué, Estelle Biénabe, Lucian Peppelenbos)

Mots-clés : Étude de cas; entreprise; pays en développement; développement économique; circuit de commercialisation; commercialisation; innovation; marché; produit alimentaire; petite exploitation agricole; monde

Thématique : Commerce, commercialisation et distribution; Commerce intérieur; Economie et politique du développement


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