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Striga asiatica: a driving-force for dissemination of conservation agriculture systems based on Stylosanthes guianensis in Madagascar

Michellon R., Husson O., Moussa N., Randrianjafizanaka M.T., Naudin K., Letourmy P., Andrianaivo A.P., Rakotondramanana, Raveloarijoana N., Enjalric F., Penot E., Séguy L.. 2011. In : Resilient food systems for a changing world : Proceedings of the 5th World Congress on conservation agriculture, incorporating 3rd International farming systems design Conference, 26-29th September 2011, Brisbane, Australia. Canberra : ACIAR, p. 212-213. World Congress on Conservation Agriculture. 5, 2011-09-26/2011-09-29, Brisbane (Australie).

Mots-clés : culture sous couvert végétal; striga asiatica; stylosanthes guianensis; oryza sativa; zea mays; madagascar; agriculture de conservation

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