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Avocado (close-up)

Imbert E.. 2011. Fruitrop (English ed.) (192) : p. 15-62.

The second part of the 2000s was marked by a "South Americanisation" trend on the European avocado market. Growth of arrivals from Chile and Peru was strong and rapid, profoundly changing the landscape by upsetting the balance of power between source countries and stimulating renewed interest in the fruit thanks to the "Hass" variety, even on markets that had previously shown little interest. But will the movement continue in the coming years? The increasingly affirmed consumption dynamics in the United States, the real possilility for Peru to sell its production there and the likehood of more moderate growth of Chilean production than expected should probably encourage professionals to ask this question. FruiTrop suggests a few lines for reflection in its annual opus devoted to avocado and also describes the scene set for the 2011-12 season, with a brief discussion of the last season.

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