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Exceptional longevity in the tephritid, ceratitis rosa, a close relative of the mediterranean fruit fly

Duyck P.F., Kouloussis N., Papadopoulos N., Quilici S., Carey J.R.. 2012. Journal of Economic Entomology, 105 (2) : p. 371-373.

DOI: 10.1603/EC11055

This study shows that the fruit ßy, Ceratitis rosa (Karsch), has a signiÞcantly longer life span than the medßy, C. capitata (Wiedemann); the species used as a model organism for the demographics of insect aging. This was somewhat surprising given that both have similar distributions and overlapping niches. We postulate that the greater longevity of C. rosa is related to the fact that it can occupy colder habitats where the availability of suitable host plants may be very unpredictable in both time and space.

Mots-clés : ceratitis; ceratitis capitata; longévité; Écologie animale; habitat; température; ceratitis rosa; mouche des fruits

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