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A paradigm shift in livestock management : from resource sufficiency to functional integrity, 28th - 29th June 2008, Hohhot, China

Kammili T. (ed.), Hubert B. (ed.), Tourrand J.F. (ed.). 2011. Morières : Ed. de la Cardère, 270 p.. Workshop on A paradigm shift in livestock management, 2008-06-28/2008-06-29, Hohhot (Chine).

Controversies on livestock farming systems are galore! The most common argument we hear is about livestock being one of the major contributors to greenhouse gas production. Is the reality that simple? Is it the only oasis on which we can assess the true value of these systems? Is it an open and shut case or is there a genuine need to go beyond these controversies? This book tries to delve into these issues and understand what really underpins livestock farming in today's globalized world. To the question, "what drives livestock farming "?, we have answers not only from researchers but also first-hand accounts and hands-onexperience from practitioners and development agents spanning different continents. From resource sufficiency to functional integrity, sheds a new light on what constitutes "resources" for these systems. Are they finite and given or can they be dynamic and "regenerated"? What in the end ensures that livestock farming systems are rendered resilient: long term ecosystem dynamics, adaptive behavior of animal grazing, collective action, learning, cultural aspects... The authors discuss about these new perspectives and diversity of novel approaches to managing livestock farming systems, set against the backdrop of Canadian prairies, Andean highlands, South American Pampa, French Mountains right through African Sahel Tibetan Plateau and goba,. to name just ft few.(Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : Élevage; développement durable; politique de développement; gestion des ressources naturelles; gestion des ressources; agroécosystème; pastoralisme; pâturages; histoire; asie; amérique du nord; amérique du sud; afrique; océanie

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