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Protocols for field and laboratory rodent studies

Herbreteau V. (ed.), Jittapalapong S. (ed.), Rerkamnuaychoke W. (ed.), Chaval Y. (ed.), Cosson J.F. (ed.), Auffray J.C., Blasdell K.R., Bordes F., Chabé M., Chaisiri K., Charbonnel N., Claude J., Dei-Cas E., Desquesnes M., Dobigny G., Douangboupha B., Galan M., Haukisalmi V., Henttonen H., Hugot J.P., Jiyipong T., Latinne A., Michaux J., Milocco C., Morand S., Pagès M., Phoophitpong D., Pumhom P., Ribas Salvador A., Soonchan S., Suputtamongkol Y., Waengsothorn S., Waywa D., Xuereb A.. 2011. Bangkok : Kasetsart University, 51 p..

"Protocols for field and laboratory rodent studies" present the best practices for the studies of rodents and rodent-borne pathogens and parasites from the field to the laboratory. It aims at covering the different steps of rodent studies: 1) Trapping, 2) Dissection and preparation of tissue samples for pathogens screening, 3) Identification of species, 4) Isolation of helminths, 5) Preparing rodent specimens for collections. This book gathers accurate recommendations and techniques, based on those genérally accepted in the literature and adapted from the experience of the different authors during rodent surveys and laboratory work. Its presentation is designed to work in the fields with a clear and colorful organization of each chapter with: inserts providing definitions and recommendations, protocols detailed step by step, and an emphasis on illustrations with several photographs.

Mots-clés : rongeur; identification; capture animale; technique de laboratoire; collecte de données; Échantillonnage; helminthe; thaïlande

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