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Distribution of sugarcane mosaic and sugarcane streak mosaic virus in India

Rao G.P., Chatenet M., Girard J.C., Rott P.. 2006. Sugar Tech, 8 (1) : p. 79-81.

Seven (sugarcane and sorghum) leaf samples exhibiting mosaic symptoms and that originated from (Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu ) were characterized through RT -PCR assays with specific designed primers for Sugarcane mosaic virus, SCMV (F4 and R3), Sugarcane streak mosaic virus, SCSMV(ST2 and PI) and Sorghum mosaic virus, SrMV (F3 and R3). SCMV was detected by RT-PCR in 3 sugarcane varieties. The expected 0.9 kbp SCMV fragment was amplified by RT -PCR with the SCMV F4 and SCMV R3 primers with mosaic samples from Maharashtra (cv.VSI-9-20 and CoM 9086) and Tamil Nadu (cv. Co740). However, ea 0.5 kbp fragment was amplified from six of the samples out of seven tested using primers SCSMV -ST2 and SCSMV -P 1. RT -PCR reactions were negative with SrMV primers pair in all the tested samples. Our results suggested that SCSMV is found more commonly associated with sugarcane mosaic samples in India in comparison to the SCMV . Interestingly, mixed infection of SCMV and SCSMV was also detected in sugarcane mosaic infected leaf samples from Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

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