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Surveillance of camel trypanosomosis in Al-Jouf region, Saudi Arabia

El Wathig M., Faye B.. 2013. CAMEL: an International Journal of Veterinary Science, 1 (1) : p. 65-74.

Three hundred and ten blood samples from clinically healthy and suspected camels (male and female) of four breeds from different location of Al-jouf (Saudi Arabia), were examined to detect prevalence rate of T. evansi infection by CATT test. An overall prevalence was determined as 43.8%. The variability of trypanosomosis was highly significant according to the factor moving, clinical signs and animal status regarding it age, sex and lactation status. Prevalence rate increased significantly in May and a second peak was observed in September.

Mots-clés : chameau; trypanosoma evansi; surveillance épidémiologique; facteur de risque; technique immunologique; prélèvement sanguin; arabie saoudite

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