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Screening of repellent, termiticidal and preventive activities on wood, of Azadirachta indica and Carapa procera (Meliaceae) seeds oils

Djenontin S.T., Amusant N., Dangou J., Wotto V.D., Avlessi F., Dahouénon-Ahoussi E., Lozano P., Pioch D., Sohounhloue D.C.K.. 2012. International Research Journal of Biological Sciences, 1 (3) : p. 25-29.

To avoid environmental pollution and health problems caused by traditional wood preservatives or synthetic pesticides which are becoming more restricted to use, there is an increasing search of naturally occurring toxicants from plants. Extractives of phytobiomass having termiticidal activity can be used as low hazard termite control agents. Meliaceae species are well represented in Africa and cover a size range from magnificent forest trees to small shrubs. They have a wide range of uses in ethno medicine, prompting further investigations for biological activity due to the variety of isolated compounds. In the present article the termiticidal activities of Azadirachta indica and Carapa procera (Meliaceae) seeds oils (AISO and CPSO) are screening by no-choice test and standard test EN 118 (2005). Only AISO shows a promising termiticidal activity and both oils have shown a promising repellent activity. AISO and CPSO have the same preventive activity by standard test EN 118 (3: moderate attacks). Additional work will be undertaken to check whether some seeds extracts (non timber products from sustainable management of native forest) could show even higher termiticidal activity under more adverse conditions (polar solvents, cold temperature extraction under pressure) and could be alternative active natural products to synthetic compounds.

Mots-clés : azadirachta indica; bénin

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