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Informal trade: Looking beyond the trees

Roda J.M., Ismariah A., Noor Aini Z.. 2012. EAS Strategic Options, 2012 (14) : p. 12-13.

Informal and regional timber trades are commonly understood and primarily viewed as domestic trade. The development of these informal and regional trades is not only fueled by factors such as the dynamics of economic growth and local livelihoods, and the globalisation and increasing interdependence of economies, but also the weakening of the states, and institutions in the less developed countries. There are increasing indications and analyses, showing the growth and the extent of the informal trades beyond national borders, either for chainsaw milled (primary) or processed timbers. Regional informal timber trades in Asia (Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and South China) and in Africa (Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Sudan and Ghana) are becoming abundant reflecting similar developments as in agricultural products. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : bois; produit forestier; bois débité; marché intérieur; pratique illégale; développement régional; revenu complémentaire; Économie domestique; Économie forestière; indonésie; chine; viet nam; philippines; cameroun; niger; nigéria; tchad; soudan; ghana

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