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Predictive modelling of the long-term accumulation of trace metals in tropical soils amended with organic wastes - field trial validation

Oustrière N., Lahbib-Burchard T., Doelsch E., Feder F., Wassenaar T., Bravin M.. 2013. In : INRA. 15 ème Conférence internationale RAMIRAN: Recyclage des résidus organiques pour l'agriculture: de la gestion des déchets aux services écosystémiques, Versailles, France, 3 au 5 juin 2013. s.l. : INRA, 4 p.. International Ramiran Conference. 15, 2013-06-03/2013-06-05, Versaille (France).

The relevance of models early developed under temperate climate and with a generic parameterization for simulating long-term accumulation of trace metals in soil amended with organic wastes in tropical areas is questionable. This study therefore aimed at adjusting the parameterization of an accumulation model to the specific conditions of the tropical island of la Reunion and validating the model against mid-term field trials. The usual parameterisation based on generic multiples regression equations taken from the literature substantially over-predicted trace metals concentration in the edible organs of plants and in the soil solution determined from local data set and thus overestimated trace metals output from the upper soil layer by plant uptake and leaching. The generic multiples regression equations were therefore substituted by distribution patterns based on the local data set to adjust model parameterization to the specific conditions of la Reunion. The adjusted model predicted fairly well trace metals accumulation in the upper soil layer amended with organic wastes compared with the generic model that tended to slightly underestimated trace metals accumulation. Further validation of the adjusted model against two additional filed trials is currently in progress. This will open perspectives for applying the model to the assessment of long term recycling of organic wastes at the island scale.
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