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Estimation of spore dispersal kernel in Mycosphaerella Fijiensis from one-generation disease gradients

Rieux A., Soubeyrand S., Bonnot F., Carlier J., Ravigné V., Klein E., Ngando Essoh Otto J., Mehl A., De Lapeyre de Bellaire L.. 2013. In : eds. Borges A.L. , Lichtemberg L. Proceedings of the 20th international meeting ACORBAT: 40 years sharing science and technology, Fortaleza, Brazil, 9-13 september 2013. s.l. : s.n., p. 286-286. Reunion internacional ACORBAT 2013. 20, 2013-09-09/2013-09-13, Fortaleza (Brésil).

We report two field experiments aiming to independently measure dispersal distances of both sexual and asexual spores of the devastating wind-dispersed banana plant pathogen fungus Mycosphaerella fijiensis .Disease gradients were assessed during a single generation of the pathogen and over a large number of traps installed up to 1000 m along eight directions radiating from a traceable source of inoculum com posed of QoI-resistant strains. Ascospores dispersed at an average distance of 160 m and their dispersal kernel displayed a heavy tail with both a steep gradient in the first few metres of each direct ion and rare long-distance dispersal (LDD) events up to 1000 m from the source. Conidia dispersed at an average distance of 4 m according to a thin-tailed kernel with no LDD since no conidia were trapped over 12,5 m.

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