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Various enviromental factors influence the black sigatoka severity on the bananas resistant hybrids

Cavalier A., Pérez Vicente L., Renfingo D., Miniere L., Lescot T., Abadie C.. 2013. In : eds. Borges A.L. , Lichtemberg L. Proceedings of the 20th international meeting ACORBAT: 40 years sharing science and technology, Fortaleza, Brazil, 9-13 september 2013. s.l. : s.n., p. 289-289. Reunion internacional ACORBAT 2013. 20, 2013-09-09/2013-09-13, Fortaleza (Brésil).

An epidemiological survey was carried out to understand the effect of environmental factors on the resistance of bananas hydrids against Black Sigatoka. A low level of resistance was measured on FHIA-21 in Dominican Republic, whereas in Cuba is loss the resistance of FHIA-18 hydrids was shown. Rainfall, some cultural practices, and edaphic factors were demonstrated to influence significantly the disease level.

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