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Does monetary poverty reflect caloric intake?

Bocoum I., Dury S., Egg J., Herrera J., Martin-Prével Y.. 2014. Food Security, 6 (1) : p. 113-130.

The use of expenditure surveys to measure food insecurity is widely discussed. In this study, we investigate food insecurity in terms of monetary poverty. Using a Malian survey that incorporates exceptionally detailed information on food consumption, we estimate that 35 % of the households are in a paradoxical situation, some poor households managing to cover their caloric requirements by eating cheap calories and some non-poor households not doing so because they consume expensive calories and/or face constraints such as the obligation to share meals with visitors and high expenditure on health care or transportation. These findings highlight precautions that need to be taken when measuring food insecurity through monetary income or expenditure indicators. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : sécurité alimentaire; prise alimentaire (homme); ménage; niveau de vie; pauvreté; consommation alimentaire; mali

Thématique : Economie de la consommation; Economie familiale et artisanale; Nutrition humaine : considérations générales

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