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Evidence of nickel (Ni) efflux in Ni-tolerant ectomycorhizal Pisolithus albus isolated from ultramafic soil

Majorel C., Hannibal L., Ducousso M., Lebrun M., Jourand P.. 2014. Environmental Microbiology Reports, 6 (5) : p. 510-518.

Nickel (Ni)-tolerant ectomycorrhizal Pisolithus albus was isolated from extreme ultramafic soils that are naturally rich in heavy metals. This study aimed to identify the specific molecular mechanisms associated with the response of P. albus to nickel. In presence of high concentration of nickel, P. albus Ni-tolerant isolate showed a low basal accumulation of nickel in its fungal tissues and was able to perform a metal efflux mechanism. Three genes putatively involved in metal efflux were identified from the P. albus transcriptome, and their overexpression was confirmed in the mycelium that was cultivated in vitro in the presence of nickel and in fungal tissues that were sampled in situ. Cloning these genes in yeast provided significant advantages in terms of nickel tolerance (+ 31% Ni EC50) and growth (+ 83% u) compared with controls. Furthermore, nickel efflux was also detected in the transformed yeast cells. Protein sequence analysis indicated that the genes encoded a P-type-ATPase, an ABC transporter and a major facilitator superfamily permease (MFS). This study sheds light on a global mechanism of metal efflux by P. albus cells that supports nickel tolerance. These specific responses to nickel might contribute to the fungal adaptation in ultramafic soil. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : ectomycorhize; métal lourd; type de sol chimique; mycorhizé; symbiose; expression des gènes; gène; biologie moléculaire; clonage moléculaire; physiologie; nickel; tolérance; pisolithus; nouvelle-calédonie; pisolithus albus; terrain minier

Thématique : Biologie du sol; Génétique et amélioration des plantes; Chimie et physique du sol; Fertilité du sol; Erosion, conservation et récupération des sols

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