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Spatial distribution of the pit builders antlion's larvae (Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidae) in the septentrional regions of Cameroon (Central Africa)

Maoge J., Ngamo Tinkeu L., Michel B., Prost A.. 2014. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, 4 (9) : 10 p..

Antlions (Insecta: Neuroptera) are xerophilous insects adapt to arid conditions that perform some resilent behaviours to overcome some noxious effects of the global warming. This paper focuses on the determination of the diversity of the antlion in the Soudano-guinean and Soudano-sahelian area of Cameroon analyzes the distribution of antlion larvae in these regions. After 3 years of survey, 3 antlions species dominate in the North of Cameroon especially in the dry season. Pits distribution under four tropical trees species is irregular, there is higher density of pits close to the trunck at the shade. This decreases from the shade to open space. At the regional level, the antlion¿s pit site is influenced by the chemical composition of the soil: higher acidity, salinity, calcium and magnesium content are suppressive to larval development in one hand. In the other hand, potassium, sulfates and chloride amount are favorable to their development. Myrmeleon quinquemaculatus (Hagen,1853), is endemic to Guinean higher savannah of the Adamaoua region; Myrmeleon obscurus (Rambur, 1842) is a species widely spread in the 3 sampled regions, and Hagenomya tristicis (Walker, 1853) is restricted to the Soudano-sahelian zone.

Mots-clés : neuroptera; biodiversité; biogéographie; larve; distribution spatiale; dynamique des populations; développement biologique; saison sèche; résistance à la sécheresse; sulfate; potassium; chlorure; propriété physicochimique du sol; taxonomie; identification; entomologie; cameroun; zone soudano-sahélienne; myrmeleontidae; zone soudano guinéenne; cameroun centre

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