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Atlas of changes in livestock farming systems, livelihoods and landscapes of the North West coast of Egypt

Bonnet P. (ed.), Alary V. (ed.), Aboulnaga A.M. (ed.), Daoud I., Fawzi A.K., Saidi S., Abdelzaher Osman M., Duarte L., Tourrand J.F., Moselhy N., Bastianelli D., Hassan F., Salama O., Boutonnet J.P., Taha H., Martin V.. 2014. Montpellier : CIRAD; ARC-APRI, 64 p..

The Mediterranean basin has faced important changes in its environment : (i) urbanization and demographic pressure on natural resources, mainly land and water; (ii) increased food demand, and changes in habit and culture, and (iii) climate. Due to strong historical and cultural links with the natural and social environment of the North Coastal zone of the Western Desert in Egypt, livestock activities hold a structural role in the social and spatial organization or land use. The exploratory ELVULMED project entitled: "Role of livestock activities in the process of adaptation and reducing vulnerability of Mediterranean societies facing global changes" aimed at : (i) analyzing and understanding the role of livestock activities in reducing the vulnerability at the family and territorial levels in the face of global change and (ii) identifying the key determinants of adaptive processes in the South Mediterranean.

Mots-clés : Élevage; Évaluation; analyse de système; projet de recherche; environnement socioéconomique; environnement socioculturel; changement technologique; changement social; changement climatique; adaptation; famille; urbanisation; démographie; gestion des ressources; gestion des eaux; utilisation des terres; cartographie; structure agricole; zone semi-aride; sociologie; système d'élevage; système de production; Égypte

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