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Animal husbandry complexity in the crop-livestock farming systems of the New Reclaimed Lands in Egypt

Osman M.A., Daoud I., Melak S., Salah E., Hafez Y., Haggah A., Aboul Naga A.M., Alary V., Tourrand J.F.. 2014. Revue d'Elevage et de Médecine Vétérinaire des Pays Tropicaux, 67 (4) : p. 201-212.

DOI: 10.19182/remvt.20562

In Egypt, the New Reclaimed Lands (NRL) are desert lands that surround the Nile delta, which have been developed for irrigated agriculture during the last half century. They have been settled by migrants from diverse origins, including persons with university degrees and landless peasants from the areas of high demographic concentration of the Nile delta and valley. Only few papers describe the farming systems of these small holders in NRL, espe¬cially the animal component, livestock practices, crop-livestock integration, performances and diversity. CLIMED Project aims to produce data on these themes to describe and understand better NRL crop-livestock systems, assess their performances and dynamics in today's Egyptian and Mediterranean con¬text, as well as define priorities in terms of research and development policies. We describe the farming systems based on data collected over a year during monthly monitoring, with a sample of thirteen farms in three zones, selected from a larger survey of 160 farms in four zones. Data show the high complex¬ity of these farming systems for three main reasons: the multifunctionality of animal production, the high dependency of livestock on feeds produced on farm, and social factors such as skills and work management at farm level. Directly linked to this complexity, farm monitoring shows the huge challenge of development services in the face of local market uncertainty, the very lim¬ited access to land, future constraints in water management, and the little attractiveness of agriculture to young people.

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