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Field verification of the prediction model on Desert Locust adult phase status from density and vegetation

Cissé S., Ghaout S., Babah Ebbe M.A.O., Kamara S., Piou C.. 2016. Journal of Insect Science, 16 (1) : 4 p..

DOI: 10.1093/jisesa/iew046

Previous studies investigated the effect of vegetation on density thresholds of adult Desert Locust gregarization from historical data in Mauritania. We examine here the prediction of locust phase based on adult density and vegetation conditions using the statistical model from Cisse et al. compared with actual behavior of Desert Locust adults observed in the field in Mauritania. From the 130 sites where adult locusts were found, the model predicted the phase of Desert Locust adults with a relatively small error of prediction of 6.1%. Preventive locust control should be rational, based on a risk assessment. The staff involved in implementation of the preventive control strategy needs specific indicators for when or where chemical treatment should be done. In this respect, we show here that the statistical model of Cisse et al. may be appropriate.

Mots-clés : schistocerca gregaria; gestion du risque; modèle de simulation; Évaluation; végétation; surveillance des déprédateurs; modèle mathématique; dynamique des populations; distribution géographique; mauritanie

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