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PECS working group on social-ecological dynamics of ecosystem services

Norström A., Bennett E.M., Peterson G., Anderson E., Enfors E., Felipe Lucia M., Fischer J., Garcia-Lorente M., Grace Turner K., Hammann M., Hanspach J., Hicks C., Jacobs S., Lavorel S., Dittrich A., Martín-López B., Meacham M., Locatelli B., Plieninger T., Qiu J., Queiroz C., Scholes B., Seppelt R., Turner M.. 2016. In : Book of abstracts, session G6 (Ecosystem services trade-offs workshop: synthesis and implications for knowledge production and uptake). Anvers : Ecosystem Services Partnerships, p. 6. European Ecosystem Services 2016 Conference, 2016-09-19/2016-09-23, Anvers (Belgique).

This talk will provide a summary of the ongoing PECS working group on "Social-ecological dynamics of ecosystem services". The working group has brought together researchers representing regional case studies that have investigated ecosystem service trade-offs and synergies within social-ecological units across different landscapes and seascapes. The initial aims were to: i) find typical patterns of trade-offs and synergies among ecosystem services found across the studies; ii) identify shared types of bundles of ecosystem services and whether bundles can be understood as signatures of social-ecological systems; iii) select key drivers of the differences among bundles; and iv) find methods useful to identify ecosystem services, trade-offs, bundles, and drivers across different social-ecological contexts and the data needed to undertake such analyses. In this talk, I will focus on the application of the different methods and conceptual frameworks that have begun emerging from the working group. I will discuss some of the key considerations for the assessment of ecosystem services bundles and the importance of social relationships in the analysis of ecosystem services bundles, and also present some preliminary analyses of ecosystem services and trade-offs across landscape gradients and discuss and a framework to synthesize ecosystem service interactions in a range of landscapes.

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